Three, rather than two (or one).

Three dots, more or less identical.

Three black points, similar to the ones you see when you close your eyes after staring at the sun in the summer by the sea.

Each of these dots stands for [ I ].

[ I ] is a number, a letter, a word, a line.

In most cases, this character symbolizes a singular presence, a unique existence, an individual sole.

[ I ] was at location A.

Now [ I ] is at location B.

Through this repositioning, [ I ] mentally left a part of it at location A.

A quantum superposed state.

A dissociative state of being.

To be here and there at the same time.

Simultaneously in two places.

It is during this time that [ I ] breaks into two and becomes [ I ] and [ I ].

A process almost identical to cell reproduction.

Indistinguishable but entirely different in spirit.

[ I ]1 and [ I ]2.

One has a name and the other another name.

One is at location A and the other at location B.

One is East and the other West.

[ I ]1 dreams of [ I ]2.

[ I ]2 dreams of [ I ]1 dreaming of [ I ]2.

[ I ]1 and [ I ]2 sometimes dream of [ I ].

Unremarkable dreams.

Uneventful mood.

Just a fantasy of another place.

A new location.

A flawless landscape.

A computer background.

[ I ] dreams of [ I ]1 and [ I ]2 every night and every day.