Ramblings of a Flâneur

expired Polaroid and pigmented inkjet
10.7 x 8.8 cm

Design by Studio Tehran/Rambod Vala

Design by Studio Tehran/Rambod Vala


For some time now I have been roaming around the city without having either an objective or a map. What's interesting is that I was born here, but I feel like a traveler on its streets, disoriented and curious. The visual behavior of the city takes me by surprise. It is always in the process of changing, like a shape-shifter; you wake up one day and the main thoroughfare, which has always been a two-way street, turns into a one-way corridor. The Enghelab Square, which was once a symbol of the Revolution, is adorned with colorful flowers.

In these ramblings with a camera, I took pictures of anything that left an impression on me, scattered sets of images of a megalopolis, from each section that I visited, of things that I liked or didn't like, similar to pictures taken by a traveler on a years-long journey, of a place that is foreign to him, as this city is to me. Despite all the memories that different parts of this city invoke, these Polaroid photographs, be they real or fake, form a picture of an endearing and jumbled city, which I am putting before your eyes here.

Ramblings of a Flâneur* is dedicated to the works of two photographers: Walker Evans, who was the master of the ordinary, and Mehran Mohajer, who recorded Tehran datelessly, as he did photography.








* I had come across the word Flâneur in a collection of Mehran Mohajer, a word that Charles Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin and then many others used to propound their theories.