In summer 2017, I asked an ex-lover of mine who has been living in Montreal, Quebec, to meet me at the US-Canada border. I wasn’t able to make a trip to Canada to visit her because my US visa had expired since September 2014 and I was staying/living illegally in California at that time. She was also unable to come to the US because of the Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, known as the travel ban ( I deliberately do not use the term “muslim ban” because it is an order that impacts all citizens of specific nations and is not targeted explicitly on only religious citizen of these countries).

Below is a text I shared with a number of my friends and family prior to the event in case any unpredictable act would happen.

[On Tuesday, [not shown], 2017], I will be heading to the border of the United States of America and Canada to meet an ex-lover and dear friend of mine, [not shown]. I  will be driving a rental car: an economy, Mitsubishi Mirage with a New York license plate: [not shown]; rented for $92.71 per day from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I will leave Brooklyn, NY, before sunrise, passing New Jersey State, New York State (again), and Vermont State to arrive at the dropped pin where we are planning to meet.

We are planning to each stay on the side of the border we are allowed to and not to trespass what we are not allowed to. We want to look into each others’ eyes after a few years and hopefully to have a (brief) conversation in person after a long time.

I will immediately be heading back to New York City passing New Hampshire,  Massachusetts, and Connecticut States. During this time but for a shorter length of trip, [not shown] will be on her way back to Montreal, Quebec, according to our plan. I expect to be back to Brooklyn, NY, around sunset.

No documentation will be available.


An Untitled Performance in Collaboration With an Ex-lover

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